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Carpet Cleaning Packages from All Seasons Cleaning Services

Simply choose the package that best suits your needs...


Our Full-Service Package delivers a thorough and exhaustive cleaning of the complete carpet or upholstered area. Using a powerful Truck-Mount cleaning machine. Even those difficult-to-get at areas under the furniture are tackled.
We will move as much of the furniture where possible, cleaning under and behind, then replacing the furniture using protective foil tabs or poly-blocks. “Designed for those who are concerned about slashing the level of pollutants circulating in your home and effecting you and your families health”. The Full-Service Package is the one to choose when you just want a thorough annual (spring!) clean.

This Full package removes Bacteria, deep down dirt & grime and tackles the day to day spots & stains AS STANDARD, and is all part of the service. So your family (including babies) and pets can enjoy a cleaner healthier environment.

*Our cleaning products are all totally safe for use in you home, and we can also clean for you using
Hypo-Allergenic products if you have reactions from cleaning products.

All Seasons Cleaning is dedicated to delivering to our clients a home environment that is not only clean, but also healthy. The Premium Clean Package is designed for those who don’t want to compromise and want premium quality exhaustive cleaning with added protection. Each Premium Clean Package has been specifically tailored to provide the perfect combination of solutions, treatments and cleaning processes to specifically benefit the particular problem or concerns you may have.

You receive the same Thorough Full Service clean - And also receive:

An application of our Premium Quality Stain-guard (Stain Protector) to protect your carpets & furnishing from damage from oil and water based stains.
Thorough premium level cleaning is again the norm; furniture is moved, cleaned & treated behind, and replaced. The entire carpet area is cleaned and protected for you.

PLUS FREE LIFETIME SUPPLY OF PROFESSIONAL STAIN REMOVER! (Our professional spotter - value £97.00+)

Allergy Control

The Allergy Control Programme™ is the same as the Premium Clean service, but instead of Stainguard we apply A special Pro-mite Protector. This gives the same stain protection as Stainguard but has an added component to eliminate dust mites and keep them at bay for approx 12-18 months.

You receive the same Premium Clean as above - but also receive:

An application of Dust-mite eliminator.

The Stainguard type product has an added ingredient that kills Dust-mites this product is called ™. This is great for Asthma and allergy sufferers as it relieves the suffering caused by the Dust-mites. You get 2 benefits in ONE product! 1) Stainguard PLUS Dustmite eliminator.

This is also an excellent treatment for fabric upholstery and your mattresses!

Call All Seasons Now on 01252 408504
Call All Seasons Now on 01252 408504